Welcome to the Club
In 2017, we gave birth to our long standing dream when the first Shivirama was launched with a vision to make people travel adventurous places without sacrificing creature comforts. We started this journey alone and are now looking for potential partners to walk on the road to another Shivirama with us. Quickly climbing to the spot of the most loved and top rated camping site in Bir Billing, we’re looking for likeminded zealous individuals to spread the Shivirama magic all over the country. We have already shined on the virgin trail, making it easier to follow in our footsteps.

In short, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity where WE HELP YOU - anyone from a fresh college graduate to a corporate hotshot to a retired citizen, a businessman or anybody who is fervent about traveling - to be an entrepreneur and to break free from the chains of a tedious life holding them back.

If you have that fire in your belly and the competence to take some calculated risks – we’ll take care of the rest.
Brand Value
Partner with probably the top rated Glamping Site in whole of Himachal
Revenue Management
Professional central sales team expert in managing demand/distribution across channels
Setup and Design guidance
From site-selection to color of bed sheets, we have your back at all times
Strong Operating Procedures
From Staff training to Review management, everything to ensure you are top of your game
Innovative Marketing Push
This is our game. From Facebook to Instagram - we conquer all with our wit & our designs
Technology Backend
Dedicated central team to help you with all the technology requirement, in-house or otherwise.