Explore Bir Billing
Paragliding, Camping, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Rappelling and Sightseeing in Bir Billing.

Day 1
Paragliding and Mountain Biking.

Day 2
Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Breakfast, Paragliding, Mountain Biking (Optional), Sherab Ling Monastery visit, Bonfire and Music, Dinner, Overnight Camping in the hills, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing (optional; needs a group of 6+), Short Trekking, Bonfire and Music, Dinner, Overnight Camping in the hills.

Day 3
Sightseeing and Local Exploration
Breakfast, Local Exploration, Sightseeing, Bir Market and Tibetan Colony visit.

2N3D 6000
  • Accommodation in Bir Billing.
  • Breakfast.
  • Dinner.
  • Paragliding and pilot fee.
  • Evening bonfire and Music.
  • Trekking Guide.
  • Mountain Biking adventure.
  • Pre paragliding ride from the camp to the takeoff point..
  • Rock climbing and rappelling fee.
  • Videography and Photography of the flight.
  • Meals not specified in the package.
  • Travel charges not specified in the package.
  • Mountain Biking Fee.

Day 1

After checking in and freshening up, you will gear up and head straight for paragliding session in Bir Billing. The jumping point is high up on the Billing hill. The flight will be of tandem type .ie an experienced pilot will do all the hard work of controlling the flight while you relax and enjoy the episode. The jump will be scary at first but once you get in the air, your fear will be replaced by bundles of joyful screams on top of your lungs and a lot of selfies.

After 30 minutes of flying, you’ll land in Chowgan area (also known as the landing site). You are free to return to the camp or continue to explore the town of Bir till the end of the day. The first day will end at the camp with complimentary Bonfire + Music, dinner and overnight camping under the stars.

Day 2

Post the breakfast buffet, you'll be on your way for the rock climbing, river crossing and rappelling activities in the pickup provided by the Shivirama. You'd also be sightseeing on your way there. The road to the rock climbing site is so serene, we advise you to charge your camera the night before.
It is strongly advised to keep your belongings (especially electronics) safe and secure while doing these activities. The same pickup will take you back to the Shivirama in the evening. The day will end with campfire, music and overnight camping under the stars.

Day 3

Post breakfast, you'll check out from the camp. Our guide will take you to a short trek through the woods or you can choose to continue exploring Bir.
Based on weather conditions & Local Factors, the paragliding session can be carried out either on day 1 or 2.