Mountain Biking
When you think of mountain biking, what comes to mind? For many, mountain biking evokes images of a mud-splattered young rider flying over impossible obstacles or a pair of bikers racing down a near-vertical descent. While mountain biking can be a thrilling sport, it's also a leisurely pastime. Well, there are many reasons why mountain biking is awesome and we made a list for you!
Per Hour 150
  • Go mountain biking and you’ll find that for every leg-burning, lung-crushing hill you climb, you’re rewarded with the oh-so-sweet decadent descent you’ve been craving.
  • Traveling by mountain bike opens the door to a world of possibilities; you’ll gain access to places often too remote for the tourist hordes and engage with locals in a more meaningful way than from the seat of a tour bus.
  • It's an effective and positive outlet to turn to when you need to blow off some steam.
  • Mountain biking is by nature a pretty adventurous sport, the mere mention of which evokes a certain spirit of exploration and risk-taking. And being adventurous inevitably makes you a much more interesting person. When asking a mountain biker about their weekend, instead of small talk you’ll often hear glorified tales of darting across rickety bridges, scaling treacherous peaks, dodging branches or the odd rabid animal and awkwardly returning to civilization covered in mud, stained with blood and wearing a dirt-eating grin.
  • Mountain bikers tend to be a pretty happy-go-lucky breed. Perhaps it’s all that exercising. Or the fresh air. Or the nature-loving. Regardless, happy people naturally tend to flock towards other happy people.